There exist five S’s concepts when it comes to drinking wine. If you are a newbie in the wine world, you imperatively need to learn about the five S’s. This will help you to understand wine better. In this regard, we have compiled the five S’s of wine tasting below.



Here are the 5 S’s of Wine Tasting


1. See

The first S is to see the wine before anything. You need to observe the color, the consistency, the brand name, and many more. Overall, it is an observation phase. Observing properly will help you to identify the good and the bad wine with your eyesight solely. Therefore, take the time you see and recognize the difference between the wines.

2. Swirl

The second S is to Swirl the wine when it is poured into a glass. Swirling will allow all the components to mix appropriately, thus allowing you a better taste.

3. Sniff

The third S is to Sniff. You need to learn about the different smells of wine as you can do so by sniffing each time you drink a new one. In this way, you will improve your smelling wine skills, and you will quickly know which one is excellent solely by smelling them.

4. Sip

The fourth step is to Sip. Many beginners make the mistake of swallowing a large amount of wine quickly. However, this is the wrong way since you need to sip when you are drinking wine. In this way, you will be able to understand the specific taste of each wine you drink. Additionally, in the long term, this will develop your palate and help you differentiate among different wines in an instant.

5. Savor

The fifth and last S is to savor. You need to take the time to enjoy the savor in your mouth. That is why you need to sip and keep the wine in your mouth for a few seconds. This will allow you to enjoy all the elements in the wine better.